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Cloud Native Integration for Kubernetes

Quickly create and easily maintain real time hybrid cloud integrations.
Automate cloud workflows to accelerate your digital transformation.

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Select a Source
When a ticket is created
AWS Lambda
Select a Target
AWS Lambda
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How it works

Create integration as code using our declarative API. Combine with your existing CI/CD pipeline for a fully-automated GitOps approach to cloud native integration

Kubernetes native
Kubernetes native API

Our API is exposed as Kubernetes objects. Incorporate existing Kubernetes objects like Secrets and ConfigMaps when defining your integrations

Integrate components as code
Integrate components as code

Declarative and API-driven integration sources and targets. Manage integrations declaratively from the command line, CI/CD pipeline or integrated in code

Declaratively Event driven
Declaratively event driven

As a full Event-driven platform, TriggerMesh integrations inherit a strong sense of loose coupling, allowing for unlimited extensibility

more about Integration as code

For less complex use cases, and less technical users, our low-code UI lets you quickly create new application flows (called Bridges)

Choose a Source

Events are changes that happen within a system. These changes are captured via a message and forward as event sources

Choose a Target

Targets are the serverless infrastructures that consume events and trigger the functions

Configure the Bridge

Use the TriggerMesh Controller to configure the Bridge


Who is this for

Cloud Providers

Technology Leaders

Engineering, Cloud Architecture, Product Owners looking to automate integrations between on-premises and cloud-based applications

Cloud Services


The TriggerMesh declarative API means you can define and manage your integrations the same way you manage your infrastructure

Kubernetes Services

Kubernetes Users

Your applications run on Kubernetes. Shouldn't your Integration Platform? Powered by Knative, TriggerMesh integrations are fully event-driven

Power your Digital Transformation

The TriggerMesh cloud native integration platform allows you to integrate services and automate workflows across clouds, SaaS, and on-premises.

Connect Cloud Services

CloudEvents are the lingua franca of cloud native integration. Nimbly connect everything with our loosely-coupled system.

Build Event-Driven Applications

Easily and programmatically respond to customer and system events

Break Out of Cloud Silos

Use events from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, Salesforce, Twilio or from within your data center

Integration as Code

The state of the art declarative mindset built into the TriggerMesh API means you can define and manage your integrations the same way you manage your infrastructure

Let’s start integrating

Connect services together to automate workflows and accelerate the flow of information across your organization.