Installing TriggerMesh on VMware Tanzu Community Edition

Nov 9, 2021
Installing TriggerMesh on VMware Tanzu Community Edition
Installing TriggerMesh on VMware Tanzu Community Edition

VMware Tanzu Community Edition is the freely available, community supported, open source Kubernetes platform provided by VMware. Installation is supported on a number of platforms including AWS, Azure, Docker, and of course vSphere. Tanzu Community Edition provides a tanzu CLI for managing your Kubernetes deployment as well as installing packages.

Tanzu Community Edition is currently Kubernetes 1.21 which meets the requirements for installing TriggerMesh. While Tanzu Community Edition provides a knative-serving package, their current version is 0.22, which does not meet TriggerMesh's minimum requirements. Additionally, at the time of writing, a knative-eventing package is not available in the repository. We’ve added documentation for installing TriggerMesh with Tanzu Community Edition, which details installing the Knative Serving, the Contour networking layer, and Knative Eventing packages to work with TriggerMesh. 

The following video walks through installing Tanzu Community Edition on AWS, installing the updated packages, and installing TriggerMesh to manage your cloud native integrations. From there you can jump to the Guides documentation for next steps on your journey.

We look forward to continuing working with the Tanzu Community Edition, if you have any questions join us in our Slack channel or reach out to us!

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