Risk and Regulatory Reporting Leader Consolidates Mutli-cloud Metrics

E-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence


Leading New York-based risk and regulatory reporting platform company.


The Senior Cloud Architect works with multiple cloud providers, including AWS, Oracle Cloud, and Azure in order to take advantage of best-in-breed and support varied financial services client requrements. There was no easy way to get real time application performance metrics from all these clouds into a central dashboard. Specifically, there was an immediate need to collect metrics from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and send them to Datadog


TriggerMesh Enterprise runs a Bridge connecting OCI metrics to Datadog. TriggerMesh automates the event transformation from OCI so that Datadog can interpret and display the metrics. All metrics available from OCI can be queried on a specified interval and sent to Datadog to create real-time dashboard.


With the consolidated Datadog metrics dashboard, the customer can easily monitor all their and their clients' apps from a single place, reducing the risk of service interruptions.

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