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Kubernetes Driven

Running on Kubernetes with powerful Knative primitives our custom API allows you to define Application Flows as TriggerMesh Bridges.

Multi-cloud Event Bus

Trigger actions anywhere from event sources everywhere. Our multi-cloud event bus allows you to link on-premises applications, SaaS, and Cloud services anywhere.

Functions and Bridges

You can use TriggerMesh as a FaaS platform to manage your functions. Linking your source code repository with our built-in container build system that triggers CI pipelines.

"TriggerMesh is building message oriented middleware for the serverless era, and enterprises using both on premises and cloud applications (which essentially means all enterprises) are likely to find the approach resonates"

James Governor

Build the bridges

Select from our growing catalog of bridges. Or use our declarative API to create integration as code

GitHub to AWS EventBridge

This Bridge listens to GitHub events from a specific repository and forwards these events to AWS EventBridge.

GitHub event display Bridge

This Bridge configures a GitHub event source and sends all received events to a service called event-display.

GitLab to AWS Lambda

This Bridge configures a GitLab event source to receive events from GitLab when a particular event happens in a repository, then the event is used to trigger the execution of a function in AWS Lambda.

There’s a huge need for integration of serverless with both Kubernetes-based and legacy applications. TriggerMesh plays here – targeting an opportunity similar to what MuleSoft targeted in providing integration for enterprise service buses.

William Fellows, Founder & Research Vice President, Cloud Transformation, 451 Group
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Power your Digital Transformation

The TriggerMesh cloud native integration platform allows you to integrate services, automate workflows, and accelerate the movement of information across your organization.

Leverages Open Source

We contribute to upstream open source projects like Kubernetes and Knative on which we build our products

Repeatable Triggers

Create triggers for functions once and use them across multiple architectures and share to development teams

Visual Console

Use the TriggerMesh point-n-click interface to easily integrate source and targets to automate workflows

Single Sign-On

Authenticate users via OAuth providers like Google or to federate Microsoft Active Directory and Okta (via keycloak)

Declarative API

The state of the art declarative mindset built into the TriggerMesh API means you can define and manage your integrations the same way you manage your infrastructure

Interconnect Cloud Services

TriggerMesh can provide multicloud users the ability to trigger across cloud architectures or from SaaS

Let’s start integrating

Connect services together to automate workflows and accelerate the flow of information across your organization.