programming code for integration as code

Integration as code

Integration as Code TM

Built on Kubernetes, TriggerMesh gives enterprises a declarative API and TriggerMesh Integration Language to quickly and programmatically connect data and services into event-driven applications.

Kubernetes Native API

Triggermesh runs on Knative, so it is an easy platform to deploy and operate. You can incorporate existing Kubernetes objects like Secrets and Configmaps when defining your integrations.

Logs and metrics can also be consumed with any Kubernetes-ready observability platform

Kubernetes Native API
Integration Components as Code

Integration Components as Code

Our integration components are API objects that can be managed declaratively from the command line, CI/CD pipeline or integrated in code. Less technical users benefit from the low-code TriggerMesh UI

Declaratively Event Driven

With Triggermesh, you get a full Event Driven platform powered by Knative. Our integrations inherit a strong sense of loose coupling, allowing for unlimited extensibility

Enterprises can use our platform out of the box to build applications that rely on Event-Driven Architectures and serverless.

Declaratively Event Driven Scheme

Bundled into Bridges


TriggerMesh application flows are bundled into Bridges – sets of Kubernetes objects that are deployed and tracked as a unit


Bridges provide information about the status of their components through a single API call


Kustomize, Helm, or other Kubernetes deployers can be used to generate Bridge objects

Bundled into Bridges

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