TriggerMesh Bridges

Connect Any Application, Any Platform

Build Cloud Native Applications with TriggerMesh Bridges

TriggerMesh Cloud users can take advantage of out of the box application flows that allow users to connect cloud native and on-premises applications integrate, automate, and accelerate application flows

Automate with Workflows

Connect event Sources and Targets through Brokers – we call these connections Bridges. They can be assembled using any combination of Sources, Brokers, and Targets giving you infinite application flexibility


Events are changes that happen within a system. These changes are captured via a message and forward as event sources

Integrate an extensive amount of available sources


Brokers carry messages from one place to the other and are delivered via a cloud service

Select convenient service that connects your apps


Targets are the serverless infrastructures that consume events and trigger the functions

Integrate an extensive amount of available targets

How TriggerMesh differs

TriggerMesh sits at the nexus of cloud and legace applications

Let’s start integrating

Connect services together to automate workflows and accelerate the flow of information across your organization.