Move to Event-Driven Architecture with TriggerMesh

TriggerMesh provides the glue to integrate services from anywhere and help financial services firms move to event-driven

Move to Event-Driven Architecture with TriggerMesh

Reap these Event-driven benefits with TriggerMesh:

  • Integrate events from all your apps - on-premises and any cloud - in real-time
  • Automate processes to scale operations and increase efficiency
  • Modernize legacy systems from batch processing to event-driven

TriggerMesh Case Study: Fortune 500 Bank Automates DevOps Governance with EDA


One of the largest diversified financial services institutions in the United States, with close to $500B in assets.


The company’s Enterprise Architecture team needs to increase efficiency by automating manual processes while ensuring 100% compliance with all code governance requirements.


Using TriggerMesh Enterprise running on premises, the bank implemented an event-driven architecture leveraging serverless functions to automate processes previously performed by administrative personnel. Events from multiple different source applications trigger the bank's Policy as Code (PaC) daemon and the outputs are automatically routed to Kafka for evaluation and notarization.


TriggerMesh Enterprise provides integrated workflows while ensuring all necessary code governance and controls are in place. Thanks to TriggerMesh, all event processing code operates independently of the PaC daemon in a programmatic, auditable, and scalable manner. This allows the bank to move forward aggressively with real-time event driven systems that increase operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks.

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