AWS and Knative Interoperability with KLASS and KLR

Feb 21, 2019
AWS and Knative Interoperability with KLASS and KLR
AWS and Knative Interoperability with KLASS and KLR

Today we are excited to announce our latest open source project, Knative Lambda Sources (KLASS). You can check out KLASS on Github. This is our second open source project in the last two months aimed at making multicloud cloud-native applications possible. Last month it was Knative Lambda Runtimes to make Lambda functions portable to Knative.

Because TriggerMesh KLASS leverages events services on AWS to trigger functions within Knative/Kubernetes cloud-native developers can create sophisticated cross-cloud applications using simple serverless functions in multiple clouds. This increases development flexibility and provides the best infrastructure for the job at hand while preventing serverless lock-in.

Serverless Portability is a Top Concern

We believe that it is imperative that serverless users have the ability to migrate serverless functions from one cloud to another or run them on-premise on your own serverless infrastructure. The migration from one infrastructure to another should be easy. In addition, we think that triggering functions across clouds is equally important.  In fact, looking at the data from The New Stack’s 2018 Serverless Survey, we know portability is the number one area that concerns serverless users.

Open Source AWS Sources for Everyone

At TriggerMesh we are working on products that allow for the movement of functions to any cloud including AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Microsoft Azure Functions as well as your own Knative/Kubernetes clusters. However, it’s not just about migrating applications but being able to consume events from one cloud to another. That’s where Knative Lambda Sources comes into play. By using these sources you can consume events in Amazon Web Services from your Knative cluster. We’d welcome their inclusion in the offerings from IBM, Pivotal, Red Hat, and Google that leverage Knative as well, that’s why we released them as open source software.

Serverless Management and Hosting

Also, we are working on releasing TriggerMesh cloud which is a complete serverless lifecycle management platform that allows you to do a lot of useful things:

  • Source Control Integration – Push functions directly from your preferred source control host (Github, GitLab, and Bitbucket)
  • Menu Driven Web Console – The menu-driven TriggerMesh console provides an intuitive way to deploy and manage serverless by exposing reusable code (e.g. event triggers) and workflows
  • Kubernetes Builds for versioning – Using Google’s knative platform with the Build extension to provide immutable and reproducible builds of functions images
  • Cloud Portability via Triggers -Compatible with all clouds providing a unique cross-cloud Function-as-a-Service(FaaS) event bus via Triggers and Amazon Web Services Lambda imports
If you’d like to join the TriggerMesh Early Adopter’s Program you can start using serverless KLASS today on the pre-release TriggerMesh cloud.

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