About TriggerMesh

We are Cloud Native Integration Experts

TriggerMesh helps agile businesses quickly create and automate hybrid and multi cloud integrations.

Cloud Native Integration for Kubernetes

As the diversity of infrastructure and number of services grows, enterprises need integration more than ever.

TriggerMesh is the first product that leverages Kubernetes and Knative to provide application integration across clouds and on-premises. With TriggerMesh, you can automate enterprise workflows by connecting applications, cloud services, and serverless functions.

TriggerMesh powers developers and DevOps Engineers to weave together their polyglot environment. Our integration as code approach enables enterprises to automate the creation, deployment, and maintenance of complex integrations.

The tools and knowledge provided by TriggerMesh allowed us to quickly ship off our first iteration of GitLab Serverless. We’ve had very positive responses from both the open source community as well as Knative project maintainers.

TriggerMesh creates tools that make it easy to interact with different serverless technologies. Their team is always at the forefront of various serverless solutions from different vendors.

Daniel Gruesso, Product Manager, Source Code, GitLab

International Cloud Computing Expertise

TriggerMesh is a Delaware C-Corp headquartered near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and Geneva, Switzerland. Our international team of developers has extensive experience bringing cloud computing products to market.

The TriggerMesh team is a top 5 contributor to the Knative project and employs contributors to Apache Cloudstack, Kubernetes, Kubeless, HelmPack, FreeBSD, and numerous others. Our team is comprised of veterans from The Linux Foundation, Elastic, Citrix, SAP, VMware, Accenture, Oracle, and Cloud.com.

TriggerMesh enables developers to create real-time event-driven integrations by serving as a bridge between different cloud environments and on-premises applications. We provide the same tooling on every cloud and integrate on-premises to provide event flows that can integrate, automate, and accelerate enterprise applications cloud natively.

Mark R. Hinkle, CEO and Co-founder

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