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We are Cloud Native Experts

TriggerMesh is the leading Kubernetes-based integration platform to connect applications and build data flows.

Cloud Native Integration for Kubernetes

Infrastructure and the number of cloud services are growing, as is the need for real-time access to data.

TriggerMesh powers event-driven infrastructure to address these needs

Founded in 2018 by two open source and enterprise software veterans Mark Hinkle and Sebastien Goasguen, TriggerMesh helps enterprises become more successful at creating event-driven, cloud-native applications.

Traditional three-tier legacy integration solutions are expensive and hard to administer without consultants. TriggerMesh’s Kubernetes-based integration platform provides a self-service platform to connect applications and build data flows.

As a leader in hybrid cloud, full-stack observability and cloud-native technologies, Cisco understands that the hybrid, multi-cloud future must be built on a foundation of deep industry collaboration, flexibility and choice. TriggerMesh is a great example. We see their integration and automation technology extending the power of Intersight Kubernetes Service, part of Cisco Intersight, which delivers rich cloud-neutral, multi-cluster automation and day-2 operations capabilities for cloud-native applications. We look forward to working with TriggerMesh to help bring customers into the cloud-native era, regardless of where their infrastructure is deployed.

Kaustubh Das, SVP/GM, Cloud and Compute at Cisco

International Cloud Computing Expertise

Releasing high-quality open source software is part of our DNA, as is developing complementary products and services that improve efficiency, speed time to value, and provide a consistent platform for your data synchronization and integration needs. With our open source API, you can combine on-premises systems with cloud services in an automated manner and you can choose to consume our paid services only when needed.

TriggerMesh’s integration platform leverages Kubernetes and Knative. Originally developed at Google, Knative adds to Kubernetes components for deploying, running, and managing serverless, cloud-native applications as well as provides a CloudEvents-compliant eventing platform.

TriggerMesh powers developers and DevOps Engineers to weave together their polyglot environment. Our integration as code approach enables enterprises to automate the creation, deployment, and maintenance of complex integrations.

TriggerMesh enables developers to create real-time event-driven integrations by serving as a bridge between different cloud environments and on-premises applications. We provide the same tooling on every cloud and integrate on-premises to provide event flows that can integrate, automate, and accelerate enterprise applications cloud natively.

Mark R. Hinkle, CEO and Co-founder

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