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We are Cloud Native Integration Experts

TriggerMesh Integrates, automates, and accelerates multicloud Event-driven Architectures (EDAs)

Enabling Event-Driven Architecture

TriggerMesh believes developers will increasingly build applications as a mesh of cloud native functions and services from multiple cloud providers and on-premises. We believe this architecture is the best way for agile businesses to deliver effortless digital experiences.

TriggerMesh is the first product that leverages Kubernetes and Knative to provide application integration across clouds and on-premises. With TriggerMesh, you can automate enterprise workflows by connecting applications, cloud services, and serverless functions.

Cloud native applications are becoming more popular. As a result, the number of functions that are hosted across disparate cloud infrastructure is proliferating. TriggerMesh breaks cloud silos to provide true cross-cloud portability and interoperability

TriggerMesh enables developers to more effectively create real-time event-driven applications by serving as a bridge between different cloud environments and on-premises applications. We provide the same tooling on every cloud and integrate on-premises to provide event flows that can integrate, automate, and accelerate enterprise applications cloud natively.

Mark R. Hinkle, CEO and Co-founder

Serverless interest

Serverless interest has been growing at an exponential rate. In fact, Google Trends search volume for "serverless" has increased 20x in the last three years.

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According to Gartner in the April 2018 report An I&O Leader's Guide to Serverless Computing, more than 20% of global enterprises will have deployed serverless computing technologies by 2020, which is an increase from fewer than 5% in April of 2018.

The tools and knowledge provided by TriggerMesh allowed us to quickly ship off our first iteration of GitLab Serverless. We’ve had very positive responses from both the open source community as well as Knative project maintainers.

TriggerMesh creates tools that make it easy to interact with different serverless technologies. Their team is always at the forefront of various serverless solutions from different vendors.

Daniel Gruesso, Product Manager, Source Code, GitLab

EDA is the Future of Applications

Real-time streaming systems, such as Apache Kafka, are increasingly replacing outmoded systems that rely on batch processing and that only transfer files on a daily basis. Event-driven systems automate actions based on those events and enable the real-time enterprise. TriggerMesh provides automated workflows at the application layer using events.

The torrid pace of adoption and innovation in the serverless (Lambda) space has totally blown us away.

In particular, Lambda, AWS’s main serverless service, has “grown like crazy,” with hundreds of thousands of active customers using it in the last 30 days. That’s 300%-plus year-over-year growth.

…large generations of customers will skip instances and containers and go right to serverless — in fact, if Amazon.com were starting today, it would go serverless.

Andy Jassy, Amazon Web Services Inc., Chief Executive

International Cloud Computing Expertise

TriggerMesh is a Delaware C-Corp headquartered outside the Research Triangle Park of North Carolina and Geneva, Switzerland. Our international team of developers has extensive experience bringing serverless cloud computing products to market.

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