Case Studies

Powerfully Simple Multicloud Integrations

Read how TriggerMesh makes quick work of previously slow, cumbersome, or intractable integrations

Event-Driven Architecture

Provide data flows as part of event-driven architectures from Apache Kafka, Oracle Cloud logs, Azure logs, on-premises applications, CI/CD, and SaaS applications

Multicloud Serverless

TriggerMesh has the ability to publish and trigger functions and/or Kubernetes workloads from other clouds or your legacy data center applications by sharing events from one architecture to another.

Graham Siener

"As event-driven systems become more popular, developers are realizing that integrating events across sources and environments is a big challenge. This is exacerbated by hybrid and multi-cloud topologies that lead to more disparate sources of all shapes. So when we looked at our options to provide Cloud Native Runtimes users with a single API for automating how events are consumed, regardless of the event source, TriggerMesh was the clear partner. The integration with TriggerMesh makes it easy for Knative eventing resources to consume external events across all the clouds."

Graham Siener, VP of Product , VMware Tanzu

Sync Data Across Platforms

TriggerMesh event transformation and multicloud support reduce the complexity of syncing data across Salesforce and Kafka.

Create your first event flow in under 5 minutes