Case Studies

Powerfully Simple Multicloud Integrations

Read how TriggerMesh makes quick work of previously slow, cumbersome, or intractable integrations

Event-Driven Architecture

Provide data flows as part of event-driven architectures from Apache Kafka, Oracle Cloud logs, Azure logs, on-premises applications, CI/CD, and SaaS applications

Multicloud Serverless

TriggerMesh has the ability to publish and trigger functions and/or Kubernetes workloads from other clouds or your legacy data center applications by sharing events from one architecture to another.

The tools and knowledge provided by TriggerMesh allowed us to quickly ship off our first iteration of GitLab Serverless. We’ve had very positive responses from both the open source community as well as Knative project maintainers.

TriggerMesh creates tools that make it easy to interact with different serverless technologies. Their team is always at the forefront of various serverless solutions from different vendors.

Daniel Gruesso, Product Manager, Source Code, GitLab

Workflow Automation

TriggerMesh event transformation and multicloud support reduce the complexity of application integration, increasing agility, reducing cost, and shringking your attack surface.

Multi-cloud Metrics Consolidation

Quickly integrate metrics from all your apps running in any cloud with automated event transformation and send them in real time to Datadog or other APM.

Let’s start integrating

Connect services together to automate workflows and accelerate the flow of information across your organization.