Use Cases

Accelerate Your Move to Event-Driven Architecture

TriggerMesh provides a better way to build event-driven applications and sync data across cloud services and on-premises

Flood a Data Lake

Send information from IOT devices to an Azure Data Lake for storage and analysis.

Update ERP from CRM

Sync with legacy on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP system).

Multicloud Data Flows

Stream cloud metrics from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Datadog.

Multicloud Workflows

Chain together cloud services like Amazon S3 so when image is uploaded to an S3 bucket it triggers Google Vision to identify the picture.

EventBridge Integrations

Integrate Amazon EventBridge to trigger monitoring systems that are housed on-premises or in the cloud.

Trigger Serverless Functions

Trigger serverless functions in your data center the same way you would in the cloud. E.g. Knative on Kubernetes from a legacy application events via Apache Kafka.

The tools and knowledge provided by TriggerMesh allowed us to quickly ship off our first iteration of GitLab Serverless. We’ve had very positive responses from both the open source community as well as Knative project maintainers.

TriggerMesh creates tools that make it easy to interact with different serverless technologies. Their team is always at the forefront of various serverless solutions from different vendors.

Daniel Gruesso, Product Manager, Source Code, GitLab

Create your first event flow in under 5 minutes