Cisco Live June 12-16, Vegas Baby

May 3, 2022
Cisco Live June 12-16, Vegas Baby
Cisco Live June 12-16, Vegas Baby

Come to Vegas to see Elvis and learn about Event Driven Infrastructure with Intersight Kubernetes Service and TriggerMesh

Boris Aelen, Technical Marketing Engineer, and Mel Delgado, Developer Advocate from Cisco and Chris Parlette, Senior Solutions Architect, TriggerMesh present this intermediate level session for operators.

Cisco’s Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS) provides an on-premise Kubernetes platform as-a-Service. TriggerMesh is an open source cloud-native integration platform built on Kubernetes and Knative used to build event-driven infrastructure.  In this session, you'll see a demo of the power of the open-source TriggerMesh project to take any source of data, transform and route that data using any language or serverless function, and send it to your modern cloud-native applications, all running on Cisco IKS.

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