Cloud Security Notification Framework Takes Center Stage

May 3, 2022
Cloud Security Notification Framework Takes Center Stage
Cloud Security Notification Framework Takes Center Stage

Although The Boss Bruce Springsteen was nowhere to be seen in the Meadowlands last week, enterprise cloud pioneers FedEx, Cigna, Intuit and others in the Automated Cloud Governance WG took the multi-cloud security bull by the horns at ONUG’s Spring event with the launch of the Cloud Security Notification Framework (CSNF). This industry-led effort provides a standardized method and architecture to normalize and automate security events from several Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to accelerate analysis and remediation.

The problem is that enterprises are multi-cloud, and CSPs ( AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle Cloud, etc.) all emit security notifications in varying formats. This variance slows analysis and remediation, extending the vulnerability window of critical cloud assets. 

TriggerMesh open source cloud native integration technology normalizes and transforms multi-cloud security event notifications into a standard security event that can be routed and utilized by Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems (e.g. Splunk, Azure Sentinel, IBM Security QRadar), as shown in Figure 1.

Senior Solutions Architect Chris Parlette (AKA The Boss) describing TriggerMesh event transformation and standardization in CSNF
Figure 1: TriggerMesh role in CSNF

During the collaborative demo, CSNF participants from Cigna, GluWare, IBM, and Microsoft took turns describing the goals and design principles for the effort—an effort TriggerMesh was able to demo live for attendees. We will do an encore demonstration of CSNF on May 18 during our monthly Tech Talk.   

(Left to right): Michael Haugh, GluWare; ‘The Boss’ Chris Parlette from TriggerMesh; Janet Van, Product Manager at IBM; Preeti Krishna, Principal Product Manager, Cloud Security at Microsoft; Peter Campbell, Director Global Security Engineering at Cigna.
The crowd packed into the CSNF Pavilion on Wednesday for the reveal and demonstration.

Elsewhere at ONUG, TriggerMesh CEO Mark Hinkle spoke in the DevSecOps track about how large enterprises can modernize legacy systems to work seamlessly with their cloud workloads. His talk, titled “From COBOL to Kubernetes”, highlighted the enduring importance of mainframes and the COBOL applications they run and how the same event transformation TriggerMesh implemented for CSNF can weave together IBM MQ events with cloud apps like Amazon SQS. 

TriggerMesh CEO Mark Hinkle at ONUG Spring 2022

Attendees, in-person and online, also heard from TriggerMesh co-founder and head of product Sebastien Goasguen about the TriggerMesh vision for open source, cloud native integration. Sebastien explained how our containerized and cloud native approach to event-driven integrations made it possible to quickly adapt our open source tech to ingest security notifications and transform them to the CSNF format.

TriggerMesh Head of Product Sebastien Goasguen (center) with Jerald Murphy, Nemertes SVP of  Research and Consulting (left) and ONUG CTO Mark TIerney

Last but certainly not least, several other members of the TriggerMesh team came to The Meadowlands, yes in hopes of catching a glimpse of The Boss, and also to network with the amazing technical community at ONUG.

(L to R) 'The Boss'; Gary Myk, Head of Sales and Customer Success; Mark Hinkle, co-founder and CEO; Jeff Neff, Engineer; Heather Wilson, Finance and Ops; Greg Wallace, Head of Marketing; Sebastien Goasguen (kneeling), co-founder and Head of Product.

We greatly enjoyed our first ONUG event and look forward to collaborating with the community on CSNF and other areas where TriggerMesh technology and expertise can advance choice and performance for enterprise cloud users.

Watch the replay of the May Tech Talk for the encore CSNF demonstration!

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