Getting Started with TriggerMesh OSS

Oct 13, 2021
Getting Started with TriggerMesh OSS
Getting Started with TriggerMesh OSS

We’re delighted to finally open source the TriggerMesh Cloud Native Integration Platform and share what we’ve been working on with the greater community. Developers and operators who need to integrate applications, services, and platforms across on-premises and cloud infrastructure now have an open source cloud native solution. The TriggerMesh team are no strangers to open source, we’ve helped build software like Kubeless, Knative, HelmPack, Apache CloudStack, Zenoss, Elasticsearch, and many others. TriggerMesh is a platform for building and deploying integrations, and open source is key to the variety of solutions that need to be created.

We have open sourced our integration platform built on top of the Knative project. Knative provides the Kubernetes engine for serverless applications; we've extended those capabilities for building event-driven applications that integrate with many different systems and services. With TriggerMesh you can pull events and data from on-premises and cloud sources such as Apache Kafka, IBM DB2, Amazon SQS, Azure Activity Logs, ZenDesk, or even your own custom software and filter and transform it before sending it to the target destinations. Targets may be public cloud offerings like AWS Lambda, Datadog, Twilio, or back on-premises to applications like Elasticsearch or Splunk. 

As part of our renewed open source efforts we want to build our Community of users and contributors. Join us and engage in our TriggerMesh Community Slack channel. Contribute to the TriggerMesh codebase and documentation on GitHub. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Check out our Cloud Native Application Flows podcast. We want to hear from you and help you succeed with TriggerMesh.

Our open source offering is licensed under the Apache Version 2.0 license and is on GitHub now. This includes the TriggerMesh event sources, targets, routing, transformation, and event functions. The TriggerMesh platform has no limitations or restrictions which means there are no constraints on using the source code for any enterprise looking for a better way to build event-driven applications across multiple clouds and their own data centers.

You can install TriggerMesh anywhere with Kubernetes version 1.20 or later and Knative version 0.26 or later. Our installation instructions include installing with kubectl or helm and we now have an AWS AMI available for testing. We are already working with VMware Tanzu through their Cloud Native Runtimes and plan on documenting working with the Tanzu Community Edition. We will continue documenting and testing with many more Kubernetes distributions, including Amazon EKS Anywhere and K3s.  

In addition to the code, developers will find more information on GitHub for building and developing the TriggerMesh codebase.

In the coming weeks we’ll continue to improve and expand the platform and documentation and start working closely with our community to build a roadmap for where we’d like to go. We have a webinar scheduled later this month to talk about our open source journey and our future plans. We look forward to building integrations together and helping you deploy your cloud native event-driven architectures everywhere. Thanks for helping us build TriggerMesh!

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