Integrate IBM DB2 into Event-Driven Architectures with TriggerMesh

Nov 9, 2021
Integrate IBM DB2 into Event-Driven Architectures with TriggerMesh
Integrate IBM DB2 into Event-Driven Architectures with TriggerMesh

IBM’s DB2 database is a standard across many enterprises, providing reliable, high performance database services across a wide range of infrastructures. The data stored in DB2 is essential for enterprise applications, and getting that data to new platforms and cloud native applications is key. TriggerMesh unlocks this data so you can incorporate your database data into your cloud native infrastructure and event-driven applications. Whether it’s on-premises or integrated with public cloud, IBM DB2 databases may be used as data or event sources for applications or services, monitoring and alerting systems, or even other databases.

IBM DB2 Event Source for TriggerMesh

Debezium is an open source project that provides low latency data streams capturing database changes. TriggerMesh provides an API for the event source that wraps the Debezium DB2 connection, making it relatively easy to consume changes to your IBM DB2 databases and transform them and route them to multiple destinations. With the IBM DB2 Event Source your DB2 data can be connected to SaaS applications, cloud services, serverless functions, or even other legacy applications. 

IBM DB2 Events sent to Amazon SQS with TriggerMesh

The triggermesh GitHub repository provides details on how to configure DB2 for Debezium access, how to install the Debezium server as a DB2 source for TriggerMesh and build a container for deployment, and the TriggerMesh APIs that incorporate DB2 into your cloud native infrastructure. If you prefer to use another database there is an example of a Debezium Oracle TriggerMesh source included. There is also an AWS Lambda function for converting CloudEvents to write them to an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL database.

IBM DB2 Event Source Screencast

The following video walks through connecting an existing DB2 instance with Debezium and configuring it as a TriggerMesh event source. After the DB2 database is connected, we add an AWS Lambda function that posts to an AWS RDS for Postgres database as the target destination and process updates as they occur.

TriggerMesh provides tooling to make onboarding new sources and targets relatively straightforward without requiring expertise in writing Knative Eventing integrations. The IBM DB2 Event Source for TriggerMesh was written with this framework and provides an example for writing other similar sources. The framework represents the IBM DB2 as an API object, making it easy to parse, transform, and reroute your queue data wherever it needs to be consumed. Debezium supports many other databases, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server; adding additional databases would be very straightforward. With TriggerMesh adding additional applications with CLI interfaces or SDKs could similarly be exposed as sources or targets via this technique, the framework is available in private preview if you would like to try it with your infrastructure.

The IBM DB2 Event Source is just one example of the many enterprise-grade integrations provided with the TriggerMesh integration platform. TriggerMesh makes it easy to access your data where it’s needed, so you can deploy your event-driven applications with the confidence that they will scale and deliver your business results.

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