Knative Lambda Runtimes (KLR)

May 3, 2020
Knative Lambda Runtimes (KLR)
Knative Lambda Runtimes (KLR)

Serverless Portability for Amazon Lambda Functions

TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Runtimes (TriggerMesh KLR) open source project aims to provide complete portability of Amazon Lambda functions to Knative native enabled clusters, and Knative/Kubernetes enabled serverless cloud infrastructure without the need to rewrite these serverless functions.

Knative Lambda Runtimes (e.g. KLR, pronounced clear) are Knative build templates that can be used to run an AWS Lambda function in a Kubernetes cluster installed with Knative.

The execution environment where the AWS Lambda function runs is a clone of the AWS Lambda cloud environment thanks to a custom AWS runtime interface and some inspiration from the LambCI project.

With these templates, you can run your AWS Lambda functions as is in a Knative powered Kubernetes cluster.

Currently, we support runtimes from the following AWS.

  • Go
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Ruby

Follow the Github project for updates.

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