Meet TriggerMesh at KnativeCon!

Mar 9, 2022
Meet TriggerMesh at KnativeCon!
Meet TriggerMesh at KnativeCon!

KnativeCon is the Knative community’s first conference.

Several members of the TriggerMesh engineering team will be at the event and giving talks.

Co-founder Sebastien Goasguen will speak in the following sessions:

  • Panel Session with IBM, Red Hat, TriggerMesh, and VMware: The Past, Present, and Future of the Knative Community
  • Lightning Talk: Modernizing Your IBM-MQ Applications with Knative, TriggerMesh, and Kong

TriggerMesh Engineer Pablo Mercado is giving a talk on Consuming and Replying to CloudEvents

Atelier Solutions President Chris Baumbauer's Lightning Talk: Integrating Debezium and Knative or How to Stream Changes the Knative Way will touch on TriggerMesh as well.

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