Monthly Mesher - Timur Zununbekov

Monthly Mesher - Timur Zununbekov
Monthly Mesher - Timur Zununbekov

Editor:  Where are you from and where do you live?

Timur Zununbekov: I live in the middle of Central Asia, in Kyrgyzstan.

Ed: What excites you most about working at TriggerMesh?

TZ: I have the opportunity to participate in the creation of advanced technology. I value the freedom to build new, complex things the way I see them. My teammates are people from around the world with great professional and personal qualities. These are the main things that make my work at Triggermesh so exciting.

Ed: What do you do?

TZ: I mainly write code in Go for TiggerMesh projects AWS Lambda runtimes for Knative, CloudEvents transformation engine, and Triggermesh CLI. In addition, I keep one eye on our cloud infrastructure.

Ed: What are some of your interests and passions (outside of work)?

TZ: Outside work, I enjoy a variety of sports, such as rock climbing, snowboarding, and tennis. In the pre-pandemic age, I couldn't stay long in one place and traveled all across the continent.

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