ONUG Selects TriggerMesh as Key Component for CSNF Demonstration

Apr 26, 2022
ONUG Selects TriggerMesh as Key Component for CSNF Demonstration
ONUG Selects TriggerMesh as Key Component for CSNF Demonstration

ONUG Selects TriggerMesh as Key Component for CSNF Demonstration 

Open source integration platform standardizes multi-cloud security events

RALEIGH, NC and GENEVA, April 26, 2022 — TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider, has been selected to be part of the ONUG Automated Cloud Governance Working Group’s Cloud Security Notifications Framework (CSNF). The ONUG ACG Working Group is sponsored by FedEx, Cigna, Raytheon Technologies, and IBM Cloud. 

Enterprises are multi-cloud and Cloud Service Providers emit security notification data differently. CSNF aims to provide a standardized method and architecture to normalize and automate these security events to accelerate analysis and remediation.

CSNF’s MVP release will be highlighted at ONUG’s Spring Conference held April 27-28 where TriggerMesh is a sponsor and exhibitor as part of the CSNF Pavilion.

CSNF provides a way to capture security events, TriggerMesh’s role is to normalize and transform that event data into a standard security event that can routed and utilized by Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems (e.g. Splunk, Azure Sentinel, IBM Security QRadar) to provide situational awareness of cloud security.

Use cases for CSNF include: 

  • Security detection events - Ingest events from Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and flag for abnormal activity that may be related to a possible security breach
  • Security audit events - Capture events from CSPs for understanding security posture, and for the creation of audit trails and compliance.
  • Security State information - Essential information to understand the configurations of systems and their compliance security policies for consumption by Security Operations Centers (SOCs). 

TriggerMesh provides an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) designed for Kubernetes-powered cloud native architecture. TriggerMesh’s unique platform is open source and built on technology developed at Google (Kubernetes and Knative) and can be used to create event-driven integrations and make data actionable by providing transformations of data between event-producers and consumers. 

About ONUG

ONUG is the voice of the large enterprise, and is the premier platform for Enterprise consumers and IT suppliers to cooperate in building the future digital enterprise. Through peer engagement they remove pain points for use cases that benefit all members.The ONUG Collaborative Was Started in 2019 with Founding Members Cigna and FedEx. Its charter is to identify and provide solutions to big cross-industry, large enterprise issues, such as cybersecurity and data protection, which are both significant areas of concern to large corporations.


About TriggerMesh

TriggerMesh simplifies building event-driven applications using data and events from any platform and cloud service. Applying the concepts of “infrastructure as code” to application integration, cloud operators and DevOps practitioners use TriggerMesh to build event-driven integrations. TriggerMesh accelerates time to value, codifies application and data flows in an enterprise platform, and supports the move to an event-driven enterprise. 

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