The Smart Money is on TriggerMesh

Jul 13, 2021
The Smart Money is on TriggerMesh
The Smart Money is on TriggerMesh

When I was young, my grandfather’s favorite activity was visiting the local horse track located in the hills of Central Pennsylvania. Not a seedy place of detective novels but a more gentile affair with a buffet brunch, more like the Kentucky Derby. He’d let me help him pick a horse and place $2 bets. Occasionally, he’d say, “The smart money is on that horse.” A term he used when he liked the jockey, the breeder, and the horse’s record. Today I am happy to say the smart money is on TriggerMesh.

Cisco Investments has led a round of financing along with our existing investors Index Ventures and Crane Venturesin the future of cloud native integration at TriggerMesh. Cisco is a leader in hybrid cloud with its Intersight platform. They are building a new, flexible toolset that doesn’t add to the complexity, but rather reduces it. A toolset that spans all of your infrastructure, workloads, and applications, wherever they are, and brings them closer to your teams to accelerate workflows without compromises. Cisco’s customers will need a way to integrate their on-premises and public cloud workloads. That’s the TriggerMesh sweet spot for Intersight users. 

Cisco has a great track record of picking winners in the cloud space, as an investor in HashiCorp, Cohesity, Guardicore, and many other unicorns. TriggerMesh is proud to join the Cisco portfolio. 

 “Cisco is laser-focused on bringing customers the automation, observability and cloud native capabilities necessary to keep business, technology and teams connected and moving as fast as the market demands,” said Kaustubh Das, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Cloud & Compute.  “In a world where cloud architectures have created decentralized services and applications, our investment in TriggerMesh reflects its potential to be a crucial building block for the creation of declarative, multi-cloud, event-driven, serverless and cloud-native applications and a key accelerator to our vision for the hybrid cloud future.”

Also, we are humbled that Index Ventures, one of TriggerMesh’s original investors, continues to support us. Their success with other cloud investments such as Confluent, Datadog, Elastic, KongHQ, and other enterprise unicorns keep us in good company. 

This additional capital allows TriggerMesh to continue to grow and bring new exciting technologies to market. First and foremost, we will continue to expand our TriggerMesh Cloud Native Integration Platform that inspired Gartner to name us a Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing for 2021.  It also gives us funding for our go-to-market activities and we look forward to seeing many of you at events like Kubecon and CloudNativeCon 2021 in LA. 

We feel like this is just the beginning for TriggerMesh as we start to see the growing need for cloud native integrations as more companies add cloud services to their existing legacy infrastructure. Our ability to provide workflows and automation between all the systems from the data center to the cloud is giving our customers the capability to expand without disrupting their existing IT operations. 

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