TriggerMesh 1.4 dropped the first week in April

Apr 13, 2021
TriggerMesh 1.4 dropped the first week in April
TriggerMesh 1.4 dropped the first week in April

This release adds support for new Source apps and services, new Target services, and new ways to Broker events between Sources and Targets.

Before we get to the list of new services we support, let’s explain what it means when TriggerMesh adds a new Source, Target, or Broker.

As the only integration platform built from the ground up on Kubernetes, any new service added to Triggermesh puts all the following powerful capabilities at our customers’ fingertips:

  • All the necessary fields to incorporate the service into your event-driven integration 
  • Generation of CloudEvents from your systems which gives you complete flexibility to construct event-driven integrations with any combination of sources and targets
  • Cloud-level scaling to handle as many or as few events as you need
  • Triggermesh offers flexible deployment - use as a SaaS, as a private managed instance in our cloud, in your private cloud provider or in your datacenter. Local hosting offers the additional benefit of resource efficient so you can adapt quickly to message loads and peaks, including scale to zero
  • Standardized filtering of the native payloads

Here are the new Sources you can now use with your TriggerMesh event-driven integrations:

  • S3
  • Google storage
  • Azure storage blob
  • Twilio

To ferry events from Sources to Targets, you can now use our new Kinesis-based broker, and our new Azure event hub broker. These join existing Apache Kafka and Google Pub/Sub brokers. 

New Targets:

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Logz

Last, but absolutely not least, we released our simple, powerful, some might say elegant, event transformer, called Bumblebee, as open source. Bumblebee allows you to transform CloudEvents via an object of kind ‘Transformation’.

The Knative community hosted TriggerMesh for a quick demo of Bumblebee - Check out the recording on YouTube here.

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