TriggerMesh announces EveryBridge Serverless Event Bus

Oct 8, 2019
TriggerMesh announces EveryBridge Serverless Event Bus
TriggerMesh announces EveryBridge Serverless Event Bus

Enable event-driven applications across all clouds and enterprise infrastructures

RALEIGH, October 8, 2019 — TriggerMesh, a developer of serverless management solutions, today announced TriggerMesh EveryBridge, a cross-cloud event bus that enables event-driven cloud-native applications across multiple cloud providers and on-prem infrastructures.

EveryBridge is a serverless event bus that connects applications together using events from virtually any event source. EveryBridge consumes real-time data from event sources, such as VMware Vsphere, IBM MQ, Solace, or even custom applications such as eCommerce platforms, and uses those events to trigger functions on AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Azure Functions or serverless offerings hosted on Kubernetes.

“As serverless infrastructure adoption increases there is a growing need for integrating legacy systems and multi-cloud infrastructure,” said TriggerMesh co-founder and Head of Product Sebastien Goasguen, “EveryBridge exposes events to cloud-native applications no matter where they are running.”

TriggerMesh provides numerous benefits to developers and infrastructure management professionals who are deploying cloud native applications, such as:

Codify Event Sources

Event sources integrated into TriggerMesh EveryBridge can be used consistently by all the developers in an organization to speed development time and collate event sources. in a single consistent platform for more efficient cloud-native infrastructure.

Enable Event-Driven Infrastructure

TriggerMesh provides a mechanism to consume event data from virtually any source (e.g. Amazon Kinesis, Apache Kafka, enterprise event buses) and then use that data to trigger functions-as-a-service on any infrastructure cloud or in private data centers.

Prevent Lock-in, Increase Cloud Portability

EveryBridge makes events from any event source available to serverless functions no matter where they are running which allows functions to be executed on one cloud (e.g. Amazon Web Services) and triggered by events on another (e.g Microsoft Azure). This provides a way to consume events that are not tied to any one cloud provider’s event system.

Bridge Legacy Applications to Cloud Native

EveryBridge provides a mechanism for events from your legacy applications (e.g. SAP, IBM MQ, etc.) to trigger functions running in the cloud as part of a serverless application pipeline.

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