TriggerMesh Enables On-Premises and Hybrid Cloud Serverless Application Integrations via Amazon EventBridge

Timm Wilson

Timm Wilson

Sep 4, 2020
TriggerMesh Enables On-Premises and Hybrid Cloud Serverless Application Integrations via Amazon EventBridge
TriggerMesh Enables On-Premises and Hybrid Cloud Serverless Application Integrations via Amazon EventBridge

Integration Platform vendor becomes an AWS EventBridge Partner, opening the door to event driven hybrid cloud applications

RALEIGH, NC and GENEVA, CH August 4, 2020 — TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider built on Kubernetes, today announced an integration to connect virtually any non-AWS event source with AWS EventBridge. This integration extends the power of modern, cloud-based serverless applications to include the mission-critical applications that still run in enterprise data centers.

As companies modernize and become more digital, they need a minimally disruptive path to the cloud that provides rapid time to value. The integration between TriggerMesh and AWS EventBridge enables users to seamlessly connect their existing on-premises applications or non-AWS SaaS offerings with cloud infrastructure from Amazon Web Services using Amazon EventBridge. For example, on-premises applications can trigger Amazon Lambda functions that provide additional processing capabilities or tie directly to Amazon Web Services — SQS, Kinesis and SNS.

Using TriggerMesh Cloud, the first product that leverages Kubernetes and Knative to provide service integration across clouds and on-premises, users can create application flows generated from on-premises or other cloud infrastructure. For instance, a GitLab code commit or a Slack message can trigger serverless functions in AWS Lambda. Or, Azure activity logs can be used to populate a searchable consolidated data lake on AWS which would allow log consolidation across cloud-providers.

“We are not only moving towards a serverless world, but also a serviceful world, where applications are comprised of services from multiple clouds,” said TriggerMesh co-founder and Chief Product Officer Sebastien Goasguen. “These applications are event-driven automated workflows that accelerate the speed of enterprises’ digital transformation efforts. TriggerMesh is building solutions that allow organizations to take advantage of AWS while leveraging their on-premises data-center.”

Unlike legacy iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service) solutions that run on-premises only, TriggerMesh is a next-generation integration platform for multi-cloud and hybrid organizations. TriggerMesh supports a large set of event sources that can be used in AWS EventBridge including GitHub, GitLab, Google Storage, Azure Storage, IBM MQ, OracleDB, Kubernetes and more.

“Serverless adoption is growing rapidly and is a core component of many digital transformation projects in the enterprise. Regardless whether it is some, most or all compute that goes serverless, it’s going to be a big opportunity and there’s a huge need for integration of serverless with both Kubernetes-based and legacy applications,” said William Fellows, Founder and Research Vice President, 451 Research. “TriggerMesh is focused on the problem of integrating event streams across all cloud-native and legacy infrastructure, which it sees as the gaping hole in serverless.”

For more information about the availability of TriggerMesh events in AWS EventBridge, or to participate in the TriggerMesh tech preview, click here.

About TriggerMesh

TriggerMesh enables enterprise developers to build applications that are event driven and composed of services from multiple cloud providers and on-premises systems. This modern architecture is the best way for agile businesses to deliver digital experiences customers expect and minimize infrastructure complexity. To bring today’s enterprise applications into this future, the TriggerMesh cloud native integration platform, built on open source technologies Kubernetes and Knative, ties together cloud computing, SaaS, and on-premises applications. This integrates cloud and legacy infrastructure, accelerates development speed and radically simplifies and automates serverless workflows. For more information, visit


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