TriggerMesh Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Mar 3, 2020
TriggerMesh Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation
TriggerMesh Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation

TriggerMesh’s cloud native integration platform enables service orchestration by consuming events from any data center or cloud source

RALEIGH, NC and GENEVA, CH March 3, 2020 — TriggerMesh, a Kubernetes based cloud native integration platform provider, today announced the company has joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). As a Silver Member, TriggerMesh is formally showing support for Kubernetes and the CNCF Serverless Working Group driving the CloudEvents specification.

“The co-founders of TriggerMesh have been deeply involved in Kubernetes and CNCF through their entire history,” said Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “We’re thrilled to see them launch TriggerMesh, which will be able to leverage CNCF’s CloudEvents project and accelerate its acceptance in the enterprise.”

CNCF, which was founded in 2015, is a non-profit member organization of the Linux Foundation that promotes cloud native computing and has more than 300 member companies, including leading public cloud operators.

“CNCF is the home of Kubernetes, one of the most important cloud technologies today,” said Mark Hinkle, Co-Founder, TriggerMesh. “Joining CNCF plays an important role in growing awareness of TriggerMesh as it creates the cloud native integration platform for the serverless era.”

TriggerMesh’a cloud native integration platform coordinates multiple cloud services and legacy applications into serverless workflows. TriggerMesh accelerates development speed and unifies multiple clouds and legacy infrastructure.

TriggerMesh is an exhibitor and sponsor (booth #SU66) of KubeCon Europe 2020, the official Kubernetes user and developer event, which takes place March 30 through April 2 in Amsterdam. TriggerMesh Co-Founder and Head of Product Sebastien Goasguen will be presenting at Serverless Practitioners Summit, a full-day single-track serverless conference that follows the initial successful work in the CNCF serverless working group and surrounding projects. In the presentation, Sebastien will discuss serverless use-cases (including LEGO, HSBC, Vanguard), highlight common patterns and show how these patterns can be reproduced with technologies like knative and the CloudEvents specification. To schedule an onsite meeting with TriggerMesh, send an email request to

About TriggerMesh

TriggerMesh’s cloud native integration platform breaks down silos and brings together cloud computing, SaaS, and on-premises applications. TriggerMesh event-driven cloud service bus provides the mechanism for connecting application workflows across varied infrastructures. TriggerMesh enables companies to modernize their legacy systems, proprietary platforms, and custom integration code to extend their existing investment. Not only can you modernize existing applications but you can chain microservices and serverless functions across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers to create new cloud native applications.


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