TriggerMesh Partners with Rancher Labs to Automate Application Workflows Built on Kubernetes

Timm Wilson

Timm Wilson

Sep 29, 2020
TriggerMesh Partners with Rancher Labs to Automate Application Workflows Built on Kubernetes
TriggerMesh Partners with Rancher Labs to Automate Application Workflows Built on Kubernetes

TriggerMesh brings Amazon EventBridge-like functionality to the Rancher Labs ecosystem allowing developers to trigger and integrate application workflows in Kubernetes

RALEIGH, NC, and GENEVA, CH September 29, 2020 — TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider, today announced a partnership with Rancher Labs to automate application workflows built on Kubernetes. This integration provides Kubernetes users the ability to automate workflows between Amazon’s cloud services (CodeCommit, Cognito, DynamoDB, Kinesis,SNS, SQS) and Kubernetes.

TriggerMesh integrates, automates, and accelerates cloud native applications to trigger workloads on one system from activities on another. For example, you can use our Sources from Amazon Web Services (SAWS) to trigger workloads on Rancher Kubernetes Engine. Or use our visual point-and-click interface to automate workflows between systems outside of Kubernetes.

Using TriggerMesh Cloud, the first product that leverages Kubernetes and Knative to provide service integration across clouds and on-premises, Rancher Labs users can create application flows built on Kubernetes in the cloud or on-premises.

“TriggerMesh is excited to collaborate with Rancher Labs, to provide cloud-native integrations. As a first step we are making our AWS event sources available in the Rancher catalog to easily consume AWS events,” said TriggerMesh co-founder and Chief Product Officer Sebastien Goasguen. “Rancher Labs, a leader in Kubernetes management, can now fully realize the benefits of cloud-native by offering users complete workflow automation of their Kubernetes application with public Cloud services.

Rancher Labs harnesses containers and Kubernetes to truly unleash all of their power. With Rancher Labs, enterprises have the control and confidence they need to more swiftly develop and deploy applications and services that drive business value. The company’s flagship product Rancher is the industry’s most widely adopted Kubernetes management platform and provides enterprises global control and visibility of all their containers no matter where they are running – from the data center, to the cloud, to the edge.

Alex Belak, Director of Strategic Alliances said: “Integrating events from AWS to workloads on a Rancher cluster can be challenging. Now available in the Rancher catalog, SAWS allows teams to quickly and easily consume events from their AWS services and send them to workloads running in Rancher clusters. Our partnership with TriggerMesh looks set to benefit businesses of all kinds.”

For more information about TriggerMesh, email or visit Rancher customers can also search for aws-event-sources from the Rancher applications catalog and install the latest available version from the helm3-library (be sure to follow all the installation instructions).

About TriggerMesh

TriggerMesh enables enterprise developers to build applications that are event-driven and composed of services from multiple cloud providers and on-premises systems. This modern architecture is the best way for agile businesses to deliver digital experiences customers expect and minimize infrastructure complexity. To bring today’s enterprise applications into this future, the TriggerMesh cloud native integration platform, built on open source technologies Kubernetes and Knative, ties together cloud computing, SaaS, and on-premises applications. This integrates cloud and legacy infrastructure, accelerates development speed and radically simplifies and automates serverless workflows.


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