Webinar Recap: How to Use Knative to Build Event-Driven Application Flows

Timm Wilson

Timm Wilson

Jun 18, 2020
Webinar Recap: How to Use Knative to Build Event-Driven Application Flows
Webinar Recap: How to Use Knative to Build Event-Driven Application Flows

On June 11, TriggerMesh Co-founder Sebastien Goasguen gave a lightning tour of some of the more powerful capabilities in Knative, and how you can use TriggerMesh to harness this power with ease.

Knative, of which TriggerMesh is a top 5 contributor, brings the benefits of Kubernetes to serverless. In his demo, Sebastien began by showing how the exact same yaml manifest you use on Google Cloud Run can be copied and pasted directly into TriggerMesh EveryBridge and it works. This is the power of portability and standardization.

With the amount of investment pouring into serverless from Google, Red Hat, AWS, Oracle, and more, keeping your organization in a position to be able to take advantage of new capabilities is important. And Knative makes this possible.

But it doesn’t necessarily make it easy. Let’s face it. Copying and pasting yaml files is not an elegant or fun way to achieve portability and hybrid/multi cloud eventing.

TriggerMesh EveryBridge simplifies creating cross-cloud event-driven applications, built on Kubernetes and Knative. In the next part of the demo, Sebastien showed how you can select from our growing library of event Sources, Brokers, and Targets to compose application flows – what we call Bridges – regardless of where the Source and Target are deployed.

Bridges connect Sources and Targets with a Custom Resource Definition (CRD) that we built as an extension to the Kubernetes API. The TriggerMesh Controller manages all the components that make up the Bridge.

As you can see in this screengrab from Minute 22:37, Sebastien is selecting from existing Sources using our new UI.

A bit later, Sebastien provides a sneak preview of our forthcoming AWS EventBridge Target, which we will be announcing soon. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to find out when it’s ready.

And you’re by no means limited to the Sources and Targets we’ve already set up. You are free to set up your own sources and targets and create Bridges. Everyone is welcome to try it out for free while we are in Beta. And we are inviting a limited number of organizations into our early adopters program, in which we provide hands on support and services to tailor EveryBridge to your needs.

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