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Cloud services

Azure Activity Logs to Splunk

This Bridge consumes Azure Activity Logs generated within an Azure Subscription and sends them as CloudEvents to Splunk, where they can be further analyzed and visualized.

Cloud services

Slack to Confluent

Listen to Slack events and forward them to a Confluent Kafka cluster for further processing.

Cloud services

GitLab to Elasticsearch

This Bridge forwards GitLab events from a specific repository to be indexed by Elasticsearch.

Enterprise providers

GitHub to AWS EventBridge

This Bridge listens to GitHub events from a specific repository and forwards these events to AWS EventBridge.

Enterprise providers

GitHub event display Bridge

This Bridge configures a GitHub event source and sends all received events to a service called event-display.

Enterprise providers

GitLab to AWS Lambda

This Bridge configures a GitLab event source to receive events from GitLab when a particular event happens in a repository, then the event is used to trigger the execution of a function in AWS Lambda.

"TriggerMesh is building message oriented middleware for the serverless era, and enterprises using both on premises and cloud applications (which essentially means all enterprises) are likely to find the approach resonates"

James Governor

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