Fortune 500 Bank Automates Software Supply Chain Security with TriggerMesh

One of the largest diversified financial services institutions in the United States


One of the largest diversified financial services institutions in the United States, with close to $500B in assets.


The Portfolio Management team needed to automate the Software Supply Chain security and risk control process in order to reduce application deployment time and provide a governance audit trail. The formerly manual compliance processes took 30 days, slowing developer productivity and delaying feature releases.


The bank automated the previously manual processes by codifying them into serverless functions and leveraging TriggerMesh to build an on-premises event-driven application flow. The team uses the TriggerMesh declarative API to build an application flow between Apache Kafka and Jenkins that trigger the bank’s serverless Policy-as-Code application to route pass/fail status back to Kafka. These event-driven application flows use TriggerMesh’s integration-as code along with continuous delivery to build a high performance, reproducible EDA that provides real-time feedback for critical infrastructure.


The previously manual 30-day process now runs automatically and finishes in a few hours.

All event processing code runs as auto-scalable serverless functions, easily accommodating demand peaks, and only consuming the compute resources needed.

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