Global FinTech Accelerates Event Flow from Salesforce to On-premises Kafka

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Global FinTech Accelerates Event Flow from Salesforce to On-premises Kafka


Global FinTech that helps small and medium-sized businesses gain greater access to international trade. The customer-obsessed company leverages Salesforce Platform Events and Kafka to keep the entire company in-sync with their clients.


For security and regulatory reasons, the firm’s Kafka cluster runs on-premises on a private cloud. Previously, this required required multiple intermediary steps and orchestrators to connect Salesforce Platform Events with Kafka. The team had to expose an API endpoint, build an additional security layer, and create their own connector. This created unnecessary complexity, slowed them down, and added ongoing maintenance overhead.


TriggerMesh with Event Transformation simplifies the architecture by removing the orchestrator piece in Salesforce and the Kafka Proxy for Salesforce. TriggerMesh reads the Salesforce Platform Events, transforms them into Kafka events, and publishes them directly using the generic Kafka proxy.


The streamlined EDA with TriggerMesh reduced complexity by 50%, significantly speeding up the implementation of new Application Flows between Salesforce and Kafka. The simplified architecture also reduces technical debt and shrinks the attack surface, making the systems even more stable and secure.

Create your first event flow in under 5 minutes