Knative Eventing Training

Training: Up Your Cloud Native Game with Knative Eventing

Modernize on-premises apps and build event-driven integrations across any cloud and SaaS

This three-hour training will show you how to use Kubernetes and Knative to bring on-premises messaging systems like Kafka and MQ into the cloud-native era. The training will start with a review of Kubernetes fundamentals and serverless principles, and will then explain how you can use API extensions of Kubernetes to build declarative, multi-cloud, event-driven applications. ‍

We will dive deep into the powerful capabilities of Knative. This extension to Kubernetes provides a set of APIs to define event flows and re-architect event-driven applications for the cloud native era. We will show you how Knative serving offers auto-scaling, including scale to zero, for microservices and how Knative eventing offers primitives to define event sources, event filters, and event targets.

Meet your instructor

Sebastien Goasguen is a co-founder of TriggerMesh, a Top 5 contributor to the Knative project. An Apache Software Foundation committer and an early contributor to the Kubernetes ecosystem, Sebastien has been involved with open source for almost 20 years. In 2014 he became fascinated by the meteoric rise of Docker and decided to learn as much as he could, which led him to author the O’Reilly Docker Cookbook. It was this experience that introduced him to Kubernetes and, in 2018, he co-authored the O’Reilly Kubernetes Cookbook. Sebastien became an early and active participant in the CNCF space, contributing, building, teaching, and innovating. He founded TriggerMesh to bring enterprise integrations into the cloud native era.

Top three reasons you should join this class

  • Developers, Cloud Architects, Product Owners, and System Administrators that want to know how to provide a serverless environment for their company that leverages their investment in Kubernetes
  • Integration architects familiar with event-driven applications and iPaaS who want to align with the Kubernetes strategy of their company

Top three reasons you should join this class

  1. Extend your company’s investment in on-premises messaging systems (e.g. Kafka, MQ) and bring them into the cloud-native era 
  2. Amp up your company’s responsiveness by applying Kubernetes and Knative to build declarative, event-driven, and multi cloud integrations 
  3. Modernize legacy apps by re-architecting event flows to bridge on-premises applications and cloud services together by leveraging the microservices infrastructure available with Kubernetes

What you will learn

  • The core API concepts of Knative—serving and eventing
  • How to go from a container to a service that can auto-scale including scale to zero
  • How to define real-time, multi-cloud event flows, such as from a Kafka topic to an AWS service or a microservice

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