TriggerMesh announces Open Source

Powerful Open Source Platform for Building Event-Driven Applications

Apache Software License 2.0 frees enterprises to build application flows and stream data across multiple clouds and their own data centers

Now there’s nothing standing between you and the event-driven applications your business needs

Learn about TriggerMesh Open Source

TriggerMesh Director of Developer Relations Matt Ray walks through the TL;DR in this 60-minute webinar

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Grab the code and get started declaratively building event-driven applications!

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Read our Open Source FAQs 

Get answers to common questions like:

  • Why are you open sourcing now?
  • What the license?
  • What's your business model?
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Check Out Our Supported Editions

TriggerMesh open source is a powerful platform to accelerate your event-driven shift.

Our three supported editions add support and services as well as capabilities like a:

  • Visual Editor
  • Management Dashboard
  • Enterprise Authentication
  • Knativ support and more
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Here’s Everything You Get with TriggerMesh Open Source

Core features


Inherited capabilities

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