TriggerMesh for Google

TriggerMesh is a Google Cloud Partner and provides a fully managed cloud for those who don’t have the technical expertise or desire to run their own infrastructure or as a customizable platform that allows enterprises to host their own functions-as-a-Service(FaaS).


What we offer

The future of enterprise applications involves connecting services and applications to create real-time event-driven cloud native applications

Integration benefits

We automate enterprise workflows with an intelligent cross-cloud event bus that connects applications, cloud services, and serverless functions

See TriggerMesh in Action

Watch TriggerMesh in action in these videos you'll see how to integrate even sources with Amazon Eventbridge or to use TriggerMesh along with various cloud services to create integrated workflows between AWS, Zendesk, and OracleDB.

Let’s start integrating

Connect services together to automate workflows and accelerate the flow of information across your organization.