TriggerMesh for Oracle

TriggerMesh is available on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. TriggerMesh enables real-time integration with OracleDB and cloud services, so Oracle customers can build event-driven applications out of any on-premises application and any cloud service.


Oracle cloud

Oracle DB admins who are are moving to Oracle cloud


OracleDB with cloud endpoints

Oracle DB users who want to integrate their on-premises OracleDB with cloud endpoints, Kubernetes, and other cloud native infrastructure


Oracle Cloud Functions

Users who want to trigger Oracle Cloud Functions from other clouds and on-premises sources like Zendesk, Slack and GitLab (see sources in bridges catalog)


What we offer

The future of enterprise applications involves connecting services and applications to create real-time event-driven cloud native applications

Event listener

TriggerMesh provides a listener to detect Oracle DB changes

Kubernetes or Knative

Amazon Sources to trigger workloads on Kubernetes or Knative

Easily integrate AWS events into OCI

TriggerMesh Sources for Amazon Web Services supports Cognito Identity, Cognito User Pool, Dynamo DB, Kinesis, SQS, CodeCommit, SNS

Integration benefits

We automate enterprise workflows with an intelligent cross-cloud event bus that connects applications, cloud services, and serverless functions


Custom integrations made easy - Easily connect SaaS, cloud, and on-premises applications with Oracle Functions and cloud-native architectures in a few simple steps


Bring your legacy applications to the cloud and leverage your existing IT investment in OracleDB


Improve developer productivity and provide consistency by integrating non-Oracle services with Oracle through a standard platform


A standard tool that can provide flexibility to connect not just to Oracle but Azure, Google, and OpenShift cloud services

See TriggerMesh in Action

Watch TriggerMesh in action in these videos you'll see how to integrate even sources with Amazon Eventbridge or to use TriggerMesh along with various cloud services to create integrated workflows between AWS, Zendesk, and OracleDB.

Create your first event flow in under 5 minutes