Product overview

Build Event-Driven Applications Cloud Natively

Use our declarative API, new description language, or low code UI to connect data and services into event-driven applications

TriggerMesh is the leading Kubernetes-based integration platform

Our open source API helps you combine on-premises systems and cloud services in an automated manner

Build an application flow using our catalog of bridges

TriggerMesh accelerates the move to an event-driven architecture

Integration as Code TM

Kubernetes Native API

Triggermesh runs on Knative, so it is an easy platform to deploy and operate. You can incorporate existing Kubernetes objects like Secrets and Configmaps when defining your integrations.

Logs and metrics can also be consumed with any Kubernetes-ready observability platform

Kubernetes Native API
Integration Components as Code

Integration Components as Code

Our integration components are API objects that can be managed declaratively from the command line, CI/CD pipeline or integrated in code. Less technical users benefit from the low-code TriggerMesh UI

Declaratively Event Driven

With Triggermesh, you get a full Event Driven platform powered by Knative. Our integrations inherit a strong sense of loose coupling, allowing for unlimited extensibility

Enterprises can use our platform out of the box to build applications that rely on Event-Driven Architectures and serverless.

Declaratively Event Driven Scheme

Bundled into Bridges


TriggerMesh application flows are bundled into Bridges – sets of Kubernetes objects that are deployed and tracked as a unit


Bridges provide information about the status of their components through a single API call


Kustomize, Helm, or other Kubernetes deployers can be used to generate Bridge objects

Bundled into Bridges

Pre-defined event-driven workflows

Zendesk Ticket Analysis

Use this Bridge to perform sentiment analysis on newly-created Zendesk Tickets.

AWS SQS to Sendgrid

This Bridge consumes messages from an AWS SQS queue and sends the content by email with SendGrid.

Slack to Google Sheets

Send messages from a Slack bot to a Google Sheet.

Cloud Services

Salesforce to Elasticsearch

Send Salesforce events to be indexed in Elasticsearch.

Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud Metrics to Datadog

Send Oracle Cloud metrics to Datadog.

Cloud Services

GitHub Events to SMS

Send SMS notifications via Twilio on GitHub push events.

Cloud Services

Azure Activity Logs to Splunk

This Bridge consumes Azure Activity Logs generated within an Azure Subscription and sends them as CloudEvents to Splunk, where they can be further analyzed and visualized.

Cloud Services

Slack to Confluent

Listen to Slack events and forward them to a Confluent Kafka cluster for further processing.

Cloud Services

GitLab to Elasticsearch

This Bridge forwards GitLab events from a specific repository to be indexed by Elasticsearch.

Enterprise providers

GitHub to AWS EventBridge

This Bridge listens to GitHub events from a specific repository and forwards these events to AWS EventBridge.

Enterprise providers

GitHub event display Bridge

This Bridge configures a GitHub event source and sends all received events to a service called event-display.

Enterprise providers

GitLab to AWS Lambda

This Bridge configures a GitLab event source to receive events from GitLab when a particular event happens in a repository, then the event is used to trigger the execution of a function in AWS Lambda.

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