Build Next-Generation Cloud Native Applications With the SMOKE Stack

Businesses today are deploying to more clouds and consuming more cloud services than ever. Quickly integrating all these cloud endpoints and bringing on-premises apps to this mix is a huge challenge, and one for which traditional iPaaS solutions are not well-suited.

Instead, what’s needed is an event-driven architecture that can react to fast-paced changes built by harnessing the power of Kubernetes and Knative.

They need platforms that harness the power of the following five trends:

  • Serviceful (not just Serverless)
  • Multi-cloud
  • Open
  • Kubernetes
  • Event-driven

We call this the SMOKE stack and it will power the next generation of cloud native applications. The SMOKE stack gives enterprise developers the flexibility to respond fast to changing markets and to make the best cloud choices.

This paper breaks down why each trend is a critical technology to enable enterprise application modernization; where you can see it in action; and where we see the industry headed.

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