Supercharge Apache Kafka

Modernize on-premises apps and build event-driven integrations across any cloud and SaaS

Skip Kafka Connect's low level sysadmin work and config file installation. Use the TriggerMesh declarative API and define your desired event-driven integration state. 

Integration as code TM

The future of enterprise applications involves connecting services and applications to create real-time event-driven cloud native applications

Send, Transform On-Premises Events

Include events from on-premises and SaaS apps in your EDA with event transformation and processing

Skip the Integration Libraries

Easily compose complex EDAs with our declarative API or low-code UI. No more low level configs

Single API Call

TriggerMesh lets you use Kafka, Google PubSub, and a variety of other messaging systems

Integration benefits

Use the TriggerMesh UI or declarative API to send events to numerous targets


Custom integrations made easy - easily connect SaaS, cloud, on-premises applications, and cloud-native architectures


Bring your legacy applications to the cloud and leverage your existing IT investment


Improve developer productivity and provide consistency by integrating all your services through a standard platform

See TriggerMesh in Action

Watch TriggerMesh in action. In these videos you'll see how to use TriggerMesh along with various cloud services to create integrated workflows between Oracle Cloud, AWS, Azure, Elastic, Splunk, Apache Kafka, and OracleDB.

Create your first event flow in under 5 minutes