Supercharge Kafka with TriggerMesh

TriggerMesh makes it easier and faster to use your real-time data streams in your cloud native architecture.

Over 80% of Fortune 100 companies use the Apache Kafka event streaming platform. However, Kafka is not easy to manage and only puts data in motion. TriggerMesh puts data into action in real-time through our cloud native integration platform.

TriggerMesh enables enterprises to build event-driven architecture and Integrate their own premises applications and cloud services. Using the TriggerMesh Declarative API to manage Kafka sources and syncs and instead of Apache Kafka Connect can improve your time to value. Whether you use Amazon MSK, Confluent Cloud, Cisco Stream Manager, Redpanda,,  or open source Apache Kafka, TriggerMesh can help you integrate, automate, and accelerate your digital business. 

Knative extends Kubernetes and helps enterprises modernize their applications

Kafka Connect is part of the Apache Kafka platform. It is used to connect Kafka with external services such as file systems and databases. To manage Kafka Connect you need to copy JAR files into your Kafka Connect cluster, which is cumbersome and hard to track.

With TriggerMesh you can use our modern event-driven cloud native platform built-in GO to supercharge your old school Java Kafka Connectors. Using our declarative API you can adopt an integration-as-code approach that allows you to quickly and easily connect Kafka streams to external services and applications.

Put Your Data in Motion into Action in Real Time

More than 80% of all Fortune 100 companies use Kafka to collect data and serve as a source of truth for your infrastructure.

Adding TriggerMesh you can take streams of events from Kafka topics and manipulate the streaming data by splitting it, transforming events, and even inserting that data into a new topic for effective processing by external systems.

Kafka is the metaphorical fire hose and TriggerMesh the infinitely-adjustable nozzle.

Accelerate Your Business with Integration as Code

Using TriggerMesh, you can automate every part of your data integrations. Using our declarative API, you can insert the integrations with Kafka into your CI/CD loop to automate and integrate your data streams into all your internal and external systems. You can flood data lakes, use the streams to automate workflows, and even replace your tired old batch processing with real-time ETL capabilities using TriggerMesh.

TriggerMesh provides a quick and easy way to manage your Kafka connectivity to a variety of targets both on-premises and in the cloud. Our open source cloud native platform also expands beyond the scope of Apache Kafka to consume event streams from various providers and technologies.

This provides a platform for automation that can grow with your cloud-native infrastructure as it expands and changes. In addition, by having the flexibility to automate updates it can accelerate your time to value and reduce the management burden of your integrations.

Integration Components as Code

DevOps can use configure the low-code editor to delegate integration workflows to data scientists and other less operational users. This allows them to send data streams to their data lakes and other data repos without having ti rely on expensive, operations and IT resources to dod it for them.

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