Heather Wilson

Heather has operated in many sectors of the finance world and enjoys all aspects of working in the numbers game. Before living in North Carolina, Heather worked with Allen Wine Group, a CPA firm specializing in wineries, in the Santa Rosa CA mountains. Moving on to a position in cloud accounting with San Francisco based company BBK - Beyond Bookkeeping- where paper was fully eradicated from her day to day to a Finance management role for startup InspectionXpert based in Apex North Carolina. Heather holds the role of Finance Operations Manager with TriggerMesh having extensive knowledge in both finances for small startups to larger publicly traded companies. In her freetime she likes to paddleboard and enjoys being in nature, as well as attempting to choke people in jiu jitsu. When she’s not on the mats or outside, you can find her with a macchiato (traditional, of course) and a book (most likely on finances).

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