Announcing TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Runtime (KLR)

Jan 9, 2019
Announcing TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Runtime (KLR)
Announcing TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Runtime (KLR)

Today we are announcing the TriggerMesh Knative Lambda Runtime (TriggerMesh KLR) open source project. The project aims to provide complete portability of Amazon Lambda functions to Knative native enabled clusters, and Knative enabled serverless cloud infrastructure without the need to rewrite these serverless functions. Knative, the Google Cloud-led Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads, was announced last year.

Knative Lambda Runtimes (e.g. KLR, pronounced clear) are Knative build templates that can be used to run an AWS Lambda function in a Kubernetes cluster installed with Knative.

The execution environment where the AWS Lambda function runs is a clone of the AWS Lambda cloud environment thanks to a custom AWS runtime interface and some inspiration from the LambCI project.

With these templates, you can run your AWS Lambda functions as is in a Knative powered Kubernetes cluster.

As we have noted before, serverless computing is snowballing, and that growth is happening across multiple clouds.  We believe that the key to enabling cloud-native applications is to provide true portability and communication across disparate cloud infrastructure. With TriggerMesh KLR serverless users can move functions back and forth between their Knative and AWS Lambda. KLR is made possible by the AWS  Lambda Custom Runtime API in combination with the Knative Build system.

KLR is one more step towards open cloud features of TriggerMesh. Serverless users need to be able to port their functions to the cloud of their choice. KLR will provide a consistent execution environment. In the future function, triggers will also be available to route events to the appropriate function thanks to Knative eventing.

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