Why We Build TriggerMesh Serverless Management Platform on Knative

Dec 7, 2018
Why We Build TriggerMesh Serverless Management Platform on Knative
Why We Build TriggerMesh Serverless Management Platform on Knative

When we started TriggerMesh we saw an opportunity to deliver serverless computing with Knative and its potential to become the leading open source serverless fabric. Sebastien said in the Google launch that:

Knative is standardizing the primitives need to simplify the code to production workflows. It promises to be a solid foundation to develop the future of serverless computing.

So we launched our serverless management platform on top of the Kubernetes-based Knative platform. Our goal was to enable developers to automate the deployment and management of functions-as-a-service (FaaS). In addition, we saw the need for management of serverless across different cloud platforms. The analyst community seemed to echo this sentiment.

Knative will almost certainly become the standard plumbing for functions-as-a-service on Kubernetes.
James Governor, RedMonk

We then proceeded to build the TriggerMesh platform as software-as-a-service and packaged our own on-premise management platform. We wanted to do was make things easy for developers while giving them the level of customization they needed by defining what runtime they want to use and the ability to trigger events across clouds. The TriggerMesh Serverless Management Platform uses Knative eventing to configure cloud provider service event sources like Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Queue Service (SQS), Azure Event grid, or Google Cloud storage to mesh functions into a cloud-native application.

As an example, a user may want to choose a javascript runtime triggered by an event within Lambda, but being able to access content for that event from Google’s Cloud Platform (GCP).

Our aim in TriggerMesh is to give you a library of triggers from multiple cloud providers and on-prem applications. Ultimately this gives users a more portable serverless workload.

Knative, A Foundation for Serverless

TriggerMesh’s focus on Knative is unique.  Knative is open source software that allows for the building and deployment of container-based serverless applications that can be transported between cloud providers. Under the covers, Knative provides orchestration of container builds and works with Istio service mesh to auto-scale, route traffic, and binds services to event sources.

Knative and Kubernetes provide a way for Kubernetes to provide portability and standardization of serverless workloads on a platform that runs in the cloud or on-premise.

We are very excited to not only deliver our own TriggerMesh cloud but to work with Google in the development of Knative.

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