Good Serverless Reads and Listens

Feb 4, 2019
Good Serverless Reads and Listens
Good Serverless Reads and Listens

Serverless is moving fast and we are having a hard time keeping up with all the developments. However, these folks do an excellent job of providing the latest news and information on serverless and FaaS.

Serverless Newsletters

Off By None

This is an excellent newsletter on all things serverless. curated by Jeremy Daly (@jeremy_daly) (We highly recommend subscribing) if you want to get a very deep weekly curated newsletter on serverless.

Serverless  Status

Curated by Peter Cooper (@peterc) and Raymond Camden(@raymondcamden) this is a good weekly newsletter on serverless news.

Serverless Podcasts

The Serverless Cast (from the CloudCast)

From Raleigh’s own Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely the hosts of the Cloud Cast they bring us episodes just on serverless called the Serverless Cast (@serverless cast).  TriggerMesh was featured on this episode.

Think Faas

This is an excellent podcast by Forrest Brazeal (@forrestbrazeal) of Trek10. He’s pretty much focused on AWS but really good content from an expert.

Serverless Blogs


HackerNoon is a blog from the folks of Y! Combinator and excellent resource but we tend to follow the blogs tagged as serverless.

AWS News Blog

The AWS blog covers everything AWS but the ones tagged serverless are pretty interesting.

The Burning Monk

Yan Cui (@theburningmonk), is the author of Production-Ready Serverless. He’s an AWS hero and a deep user.

Serverless Miscellanea

If you want a list of all things serverless Awesome Serverless is a Github project that is a curated list of all things serverless.  It’s pretty comprehensive but a good list of all things serverless.

CNCF Serverless Overview Whitepaper

This paper describes a new model of cloud native computing enabled by emerging “serverless” architectures and their supporting platforms. It defines what serverless computing is, highlights use cases and successful examples of serverless computing, and shows how serverless computing differs from (and interrelates with) other cloud application development models such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and container orchestration or Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS)

Serverless Twitter List

We follow many people on Twitter but we are curating a list of the people we think have a lot to add to the serverless conversation.

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