July 2021 Product Update: Organizations and the TriggerMesh Integration Language

Jul 29, 2021
July 2021 Product Update: Organizations and the TriggerMesh Integration Language
July 2021 Product Update: Organizations and the TriggerMesh Integration Language

Greetings from TriggerMesh!

It’s been a busy few months since we updated you on the TriggerMesh 1.4 release, and we’ve got quite a bit to share. The current release is TriggerMesh 1.8 and in addition to fixing lots of small issues, documentation, and updating our dependencies, we’re releasing support for organizations.


Organizations allow teams to share integrations and have multiple namespaces with role-based access controls over managing, deploying, and viewing your integrations through the UI or API. Users will be able to belong to multiple organizations with different permissions in each, making adoption in larger organizations easier.

TriggerMesh Integration Language (TIL)

We’re excited to offer a preview of our new TriggerMesh Integration Language (TIL) that simplifies writing and maintaining integrations. Use TIL to  define your integrations in a higher level declarative language that avoids the complexity of YAML. TIL defines standard integration patterns as top-level components (e.g. sources, targets, transformations, etc.) and abstracts the Kubernetes object complexity. TIL is based on HCL (the basis for HashiCorp’s Terraform language) which allows for all the flexibility of source code: versioned, templated, shared, and ready to put into your GitOps pipelines.

Here is a TIL example for connecting a GitHub event source sending events to a Kafka stream:

source “github” “git_source” {
owner_and_repository = “sebgoa/transform”
event_types = [“push”, “issues”]
tokens = secret_name(“github-token”)
to = target.my_kafka_topic
target “kafka” “my_kafka_topic” {
topic = “hackathon”
bootstrap_servers = [“pkc-4q3.us-east4.gcp.confluent.cloud:9092”]
auth = secret_name(“kafka-credentials”)

Which would be applied from the CLI and created with:

til generate kafka.hcl | kubectl apply -f-

For a more detailed exploration of building Kafka connectors with TriggerMesh and TIL, please refer to our Co-founder Sebastien Goasguen’s post Simplifying Kafka Connectors Configuration with an Integration Language.

New Sources and Targets

TriggerMesh Bridges connect Sources of data and events to destination Targets with additional routing, filtering, splitting and storing when needed. Extensive work has been done on the TriggerMesh Sources for Amazon Web Services (SAWS) in order to ensure their stability for VMware’s inclusion of them in their Cloud Native Runtimes™ for VMware Tanzu™. While there are lots of minor updates to our existing Sources and Targets, this release adds:

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