The Cloud Native Integration Hits Keep on Rolling with AWS EventBridge and TriggerMesh

Mar 5, 2021
The Cloud Native Integration Hits Keep on Rolling with AWS EventBridge and TriggerMesh
The Cloud Native Integration Hits Keep on Rolling with AWS EventBridge and TriggerMesh

When  I pontificated  in January, on AWS EventBridge and how it related to TriggerMesh,  I opined that integration is the frontier in cloud computing that can produce the biggest impact on increasing cloud capabilities and shortening time-to-value. In January, I said this:

"Combining the power of TriggerMesh and AWS EventBridge, AWS users can easily connect SaaS, cloud, and on-premises applications with Amazon Lambda and cloud-native architectures without writing any additional code. You can modernize your legacy applications to the cloud and leverage your existing IT investment by integrating with Amazon EventBridge and triggering workloads on modern architecture. Accelerate developer productivity and provide consistency when integrating non-AWS services with AWS."

This week, AWS announced new capabilities that makes it even easier for cloud developers to provide workflows between cloud and on-premises applications. 

The number of cloud services is exploding and there is a lot of innovation that enterprises can take advantage of but they have legacy systems that they still depend on. That’s why our focus has become the integration of all services and applications in and out of the cloud, and it’s why our decision to provide integrations with AWS as the largest public cloud provider was a “no-brainer.” It’s edifying to see them following our lead and expanding their capabilities to integrate outside of their ecosystem. 

In August of last year, we announced our integration with EventBridge to use sources from a variety of cloud events to trigger AWS workloads. This unique capability means that TriggerMesh can act as a bridge to source events from any cloud service or application into AWS, and use this external data to feed AWS services without writing a single line of code. 

With this week’s announcement, Amazon EventBridge has added the capability to export events from their ecosystem to other applications and services. This validates our point of view and we are excited to be able to extend this capability with an easy way to integrate AWS services with non-AWS services and applications. 

The ability to use the TriggerMesh declarative API is another powerful reason why TriggerMesh and EvenBridge are two great tastes that taste great together.Cloud operators who want to manage their integrations the same way they use Cloud Formation or Terraform for infrastructure-as-code can use the TriggerMesh declarative API to deploy integrations-as-code. With this powerful capability, users can create and deploy automated event-driven workflows between AWS and a variety of popular cloud services and even create custom integrations with their existing on-premises applications and microservices. What’s more, you can use our declarative API to deploy integrations using your CI/CD loops, automating not only the deployment of applications and services but also the integrations between them.

We know that cloud-native developers want to build applications that connect a variety of services and data sources. Amazon provides many of the most widely-used cloud services, and for integrations with legacy applications, we believe that TriggerMesh is the best way to provide these enterprise integrations and to do so cloud-natively. 

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