TriggerMesh Announces Broad Support For Knative, Newest CNCF Project

Mar 3, 2022
TriggerMesh Announces Broad Support For Knative, Newest CNCF Project
TriggerMesh Announces Broad Support For Knative, Newest CNCF Project

TriggerMesh Announces Broad Support For Knative, Newest CNCF Project

Team of Top Knative Contributors to Host Knative InstallFest

RALEIGH, NC and GENEVA, March 3, 2022 — Coinciding with Knative joining CNCF as an Incubating Project, TriggerMesh today announces broad support for Knative. Knative joining CNCF benefits the project, all its users and developers, and the cloud-native community at large. To accelerate the adoption of Knative, today TriggerMesh also announced that it will hold a virtual Knative InstallFest on April 26. Interested Kubernetes users can sign up to receive more details here

“The record Kubernetes and container adoption reported in CNCF’s most recent survey makes now a great time for enterprises to embrace Knative,” said TriggerMesh CEO Mark Hinkle. “In five minutes and nine commands, a Kubernetes user can have Knative installed and be ready to extend their cloud native infrastructure and approach to the application layer. Enterprises focused on application modernization, standardizing DevEx around cloud native, and baking serverless and event-driven approaches into their next gen stack need to take a close look at Knative as a key enabling tech.”

For modern enterprise technology teams, TriggerMesh simplifies and accelerates connecting applications and data across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers. The TriggerMesh approach to integration is very similar to the way “infrastructure as code” solutions such as Ansible, Chef, HashiCorp, and Puppet deploy infrastructure by DevOps teams. The TriggerMesh free and open source integration platform allows cloud operators and DevOps practitioners to deploy integrations as code, which dramatically accelerates time to value and improves flexibility compared with typical integration platforms-as-a-service (IPaaS) solutions. For these reasons we believe TriggerMesh is the best iPaaS for Kubernetes

Recently, TriggerMesh announced the launch of the TriggerMesh Integration Platform as an open source project for building event-driven architecture, available under the Apache Software License 2.0.  Commercially, TriggerMesh provides support and services as well as a graphical user interface that offers a visual integration editor, enterprise authentication and authorization with organizational support, and the capability to develop custom integration components. 

About TriggerMesh

TriggerMesh simplifies building event-driven applications using data and events from any platform and cloud service. Applying the concepts of “infrastructure as code” to application integration, cloud operators and DevOps practitioners use TriggerMesh to build event-driven integrations. TriggerMesh accelerates time to value, codifies application and data flows in an enterprise platform, and supports the move to an event-driven enterprise. 

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