Get The Most from Knative with TriggerMesh

TriggerMesh is a top 5 Knative contributor and we offer support for conformant Knative deployments as well as our own Knative distro.

Knative extends Kubernetes and helps enterprises modernize their applications

Knative simplifies developer on-boarding to cloud-native architecture.

Building on top of Kubernetes, Knative offers serverless and event-driven deployments. This allows developers to focus on creating code and deploying resilient and responsive applications fast without having to become experts on Kubernetes.

Knative Serverless for Kubernetes

Leverage Knative to Deliver Event-Driven Architecture (EDA)

TriggerMesh applies the Knative autoscaling and eventing APIs to deliver application integration capabilities to stitch together SaaS, cloud, and on-premises apps to build modern event-driven architecture.

As the leading Kubernetes-based integration platform, TriggerMesh accelerates the move to an event-driven architecture. Our Knative-powered platform provides an easy, standard way to create cloud native applications spanning on-premises, public and private clouds.

TriggerMesh Supports Knative Users

TriggerMesh offers support for Knative deployments. If you are a user of Knative in production, you can count on us to support you. We know Knative, we have been using it since day 1 at TriggerMesh, we are the number one startup contributing to it, and we have maintainers of the project.

In addition to our active upstream contributions that make Knative better, we offer two types of commercial support:

Knative Resources


In this recorded training, Co-founder Sebastien Goasguen dives deep into event-driven architecture with Knative, Google Anthos, and TriggerMesh



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Open Source

Start combining  on-premises systems and cloud services with the TriggerMesh Open Source API

Open Source

VMware Tanzu

When VMware added Cloud Native Runtimes, based on Knative, to Tanzu Advanced, they included TriggerMesh to simplify multi-cloud event flows

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Kubeless -> Knative

With Kubeless now archived, TriggerMesh is committed to helping enterprises smoothly migrate to Knative

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