TriggerMesh Announces General Availability of Event-Driven Architecture Enablement Platform

Nov 11, 2020
TriggerMesh Announces General Availability of Event-Driven Architecture Enablement Platform
TriggerMesh Announces General Availability of Event-Driven Architecture Enablement Platform

TriggerMesh 1.0 automates Kubernetes, Cloud Native, and On-Premises Infrastructure

RALEIGH, NC and GENEVA, CH November 12, 2020 — TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider enabling event-driven architecture, today announced the general availability of their production-ready integration and automation platform, TriggerMesh Cloud Native Integration Platform 1.0. The platform has been informed by feedback from over 500 beta users and has reached a level of maturity and stability that can be consumed by even the most demanding enterprises. 

The TriggerMesh Cloud Native Integration Platform allows users to integrate services, automate workflows, and accelerate the movement of information and the digital transformation of an organization. TriggerMesh acts as a catalyst for digital transformation, enabling organizations to build event-driven applications out of any on-premises application or cloud service.

TriggerMesh enables event-driven architecture by providing a way to scale event-streams and make them actionable. For example, TriggerMesh can consume events from an OracleDB and use them to inform financial systems without connecting directly to the database for security reasons. 

“With this release, we are providing a platform that enables enterprise automation and workflows that augment and extend today’s most critical infrastructure and web services,” said TriggerMesh co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Sebastien Goasguen. “Our latest release is a production-grade, high scale system for event data flows that accelerate your business responsiveness and enable digital transformation.”

TriggerMesh Cloud Native Integration Platform 1.0 Features include:

  • Declarative API 
  • Event transformation to forward events from one format to another, including events that adhere to the CNCF CloudEvents 1.0 specification
  • New Bridges to automate infrastructure and bridge workflows between Salesforce, OracleDB, Zendesk, Datadog, Oracle Cloud Security Logs, Splunk, Datadog, and many more

TriggerMesh Use Cases include:

  • Event-Driven Architecture Automation - Using TriggerMesh’s TriggerFlow technology, users can connect system events and trigger workloads using rules-based logic that provides the foundation for coordinated cloud-native application workflows. 
  • Compliment Robotic Process Automation (RPA) - Robotic Process Automation is the technology that allows anyone today to configure computer software, or a “robot,” to emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. TriggerMesh acts as an interface to automate RPA tasks with other systems and cloud services such as Salesforce. 
  • Log Data Flow - Many services provide real-time event streaming like Apache Kafka and log aggregation like Splunk, however TriggerMesh provides additional event routing, event transformation and processing capabilities. 

TriggerMesh Cloud Native Integration Platform is offered in two options, self-administered on Kubernetes or as a fully managed service on TriggerMesh Cloud. Sign up here for a free TriggerMesh 90-day trial. Download the free TriggerMesh SMOKE Stack whitepaper here.

About TriggerMesh

TriggerMesh enables enterprise developers to build applications that are event driven and composed of services from multiple cloud providers and on-premises systems. This modern architecture is the best way for agile businesses to deliver digital experiences customers expect and minimize infrastructure complexity. To bring today’s enterprise applications into this future, the TriggerMesh cloud native integration platform, built on open source technologies Kubernetes and Knative, ties together cloud computing, SaaS, and on-premises applications. This integrates cloud and legacy infrastructure, accelerates development speed and radically simplifies and automates serverless workflows. For more information, visit

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