TriggerMesh Launches Kubeless to Knative Migration Service

May 17, 2022
TriggerMesh Launches Kubeless to Knative Migration Service
TriggerMesh Launches Kubeless to Knative Migration Service

TriggerMesh Launches Kubeless to

Valencia, SPAIN, May 17, 2022 — TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider, today announced a new service to help enterprises using Kubeless migrate to Knative. 

VMware recently archived Kubeless, meaning the installable, open source FaaS project will no longer be maintained. After creating Kubeless, TriggerMesh co-founder Sebastien Goasguen began working with Knative to build enterprise serverless and event-driven tooling. 

“The tremendous organic uptake of Kubeless, one of the early FaaS solutions on Kubernetes, demonstrates the enterprise demand for on-premises serverless. But with vendor backing now gone, businesses that rely on Kubeless are on their own. As the creator of Kubeless, I want to help these businesses and bring them on to Knative (now in CNCF) in a sustainable way.”

Knative boasts a strong and growing community and robust feature roadmap. With its recent donation by Google to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Knative now shares a stable with Kubernetes, Prometheus, Helm, and the other essential cloud native tech supporting enterprise modernization. 

The new services announced today from TriggerMesh will help Kubeless users move to Knative and ease the migration process. Once we have you up on Knative, TriggerMesh provides Knative support to keep everything running like clockwork. 

Several members of the TriggerMesh engineering team, Sebastien included, will be in attendance at KubeCon. Reach out on twitter @sebgoa if you’ll be in Valencia and want to meet up.  

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TriggerMesh simplifies building event-driven applications using data and events from any platform and cloud service. Applying the concepts of “infrastructure as code” to application integration, cloud operators and DevOps practitioners use TriggerMesh to build event-driven integrations. TriggerMesh accelerates time to value, codifies application and data flows in an enterprise platform, and supports the move to an event-driven enterprise.

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