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Integrate. Automate. Accelerate.

Real-time cloud native integration platform that allows you to connect services together to automate workflows and accelerate your digital transformation

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Select a Source
When a ticket is created
AWS Lambda
Select a Target
AWS Lambda
When a ticket is created
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Who is this for

Cloud providers

Enterprise Technology Leaders

CTOs, VPs of Engineering, Directors of Cloud Architecture, looking to automate integrations between on-premises and cloud-based applications

Cloud services

Business Analyst

IT managers and analysts looking to improve automation across cloud services - TriggerMesh Cloud

SaaS services

Solution Providers

ISVs can extend their existing software solutions and SaaS services my by creating cloud mash-ups with virtually any cloud service

How it works

Choose a Source

Select one or more cloud apps and services to be the Source(s) for your Bridge

Choose a Target

Select a target application you would like to trigger when something happens within a source

Customize the Bridge

Set-up a Broker to handle the automation and any desired conditions

Submit the Bridge

When done, submit the Bridge and TriggerMesh handles the rest

Automate your application flow

TriggerMesh accelerates development speed and unifies multiple clouds and legacy infrastructure.

Power your Digital Transformation

The TriggerMesh cloud native integration platform allows you to integrate services, automate workflows, and accelerate the movement of information across your organization.

Connect Cloud Services

Ingest cloud events to trigger serverless functions in the cloud or your data center

Build Event-Driven Applications

Easily and programmatically respond to customer and system events

Break Out of Cloud Silos

Use events from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, and other clouds or from within your data center

Code More, Manage Less

Trigger serverless functions by point and click and integrate events from any infrastructure

Let’s start integrating

Connect services together to automate workflows and accelerate the flow of information across your organization.