TriggerMesh Announces Support for Knative 1.0

Nov 4, 2021
TriggerMesh Announces Support for Knative 1.0
TriggerMesh Announces Support for Knative 1.0

Knative enables developers to use an event-driven architecture with serverless applications

RALEIGH, NC and GENEVA, Nov 4, 2021 — TriggerMesh, a cloud native integration platform provider, today announced support for Knative 1.0. As part of its Business Edition, TriggerMesh will support customers’ own conformant Knative install, and as part of Enterprise, TriggerMesh provides customers with its own supported Knative distro. TriggerMesh is one of the top contributors to the Knative project.

Originally developed at Google, Knative is an open source project that adds components for deploying, running, and managing serverless, cloud-native applications to Kubernetes. Using Knative, TriggerMesh’s platform takes an event-driven approach to integration, consuming messages from various sources (e.g. AWS SQS, Google Storage, Azure Activity Logs), filtering and transforming them, combining processing capabilities with serverless functions and connecting with message sinks (e.g. Elasticsearch, AWS S3, Apache Kafka). 

“Reaching 1.0 is a huge milestone for the community and we are proud to have helped to get here while building our own platform,” said Sebastien Gosguen, TriggerMesh Co-Founder and Head of Product. “TriggerMesh makes use of Knative, naturally we are now offering support for its GA version.” 

For modern enterprise technology teams, TriggerMesh simplifies and accelerates connecting applications and data across multiple clouds and on-premises data centers. The TriggerMesh approach to integration is very similar to the way “infrastructure as code” solutions such as Ansible, Chef, HashiCorp, and Puppet use to deploy infrastructure by DevOps teams. The TriggerMesh free and open source platform allows cloud operators and DevOps practitioners to deploy integrations as codeTM, which dramatically accelerates time to value and improves flexibility compared with typical integration platforms-as-a-service (IPaaS) solutions. 

“We developed Knative in 2018 to bridge the gap between the containerized and serverless applications among cloud providers,” said Matt Moore, Founder and CTO of Chainguard and Co-Creator of Knative. “In 2021, to reach 1.0 and see rising companies built on Knative like TriggerMesh solving important integration problems makes me proud of what the community has accomplished.”

Recently, TriggerMesh announced the launch of the TriggerMesh Integration Platform as an open source project for building event-driven architecture, available under the Apache Software License 2.0.  Commercially, TriggerMesh provides support and services as well as a graphical user interface that offers a visual integration editor, enterprise authentication and authorization with organizational support, and the capability to develop custom integration components. 

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TriggerMesh simplifies building event-driven applications using data and events from any platform and cloud service. Applying the concepts of “infrastructure as code” to application integration, cloud operators and DevOps practitioners use TriggerMesh to build event-driven integrations. TriggerMesh accelerates time to value, codifies application and data flows in an enterprise platform, and supports the move to an event-driven enterprise. 

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