Clouds Go Vertical

Feb 2, 2021
Clouds Go Vertical
Clouds Go Vertical

Can integration-as-code help finance and healthcare firms skip costly consulting engagements? 

No one doubts that the COVID pandemic accelerated the already boisterous rate of enterprise cloud adoption. What was important before - better remote access and richer digital experiences - overnight became a literal question of corporate survival. A bellwether for just how powerful the need to modernize has become - even the highly-regulated and complex healthcare and finance industries are accelerating their move to the cloud. 

To meet this demand, major cloud providers are launching industry-specific healthcare and finance solutions. Here at TriggerMesh, our healthcare and finance customers, eager to avoid lock-in, give us keen insight into the diversity of cloud offers from the major providers.  

Some of our healthcare users offer cloud native applications to patients while still adhering to regulatory requirements. They use Azure FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability) and Google Health Consent API, and come to us for the multicloud integration capability needed to connect these services with the dozens of others they use. 

We see some divergence in healthcare cloud approaches among the major providers. Google Cloud and AWS take an API and cloud services centric approach, while Microsoft has adopted a whole industry solution approach (see Table 1). We think this may be due to the developer-first mindset of Google and AWS, whereas Microsoft has more of an enterprise orientation. All three maintain wide partnerships with systems integrators. Without selling short the value of these integration firms, TriggerMesh integration-as-code can replace or radically shorten many on-premises-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud consulting engagements. See for yourself with our Free 30-day trial.

Varying Approaches to Healthcare Cloud

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Optimize Your Finance Cloud Based Solutions for your Event-Driven Architectures

Turning to finance, the risk associated with visiting a bank (wealth advisor, insurance rep, etc.) in the time of COVID forces the financial services industry to provide extraordinary digital experiences. Event-driven architectures based on Apache Kafka allow banks to respond digitally in real time to all manner of customer, employee, and partner actions. Large banks are running nine-figure Digital Transformation initiatives to improve mobile applications using Google Firebase and Google Cloud Platform, Apple Cloudkit, and Amazon Amplify (integrated with AWS AppSync, API Gateway, Device Farm, Location Service).

Frequently, TriggerMesh helps our finance customers optimize and extend their Apache Kafka deployments by integrating more cloud services into their event-driven platforms. TriggerMesh empowers DevOps teams to manage integration-as-code using familiar GitOps management principles. What used to require custom middleware and connectors is now handled programmatically with the DevOps approach, accelerating integrations and application workflows.

See how easy we make it to integrate any service, anywhere.  

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